Life-Changing Innovations

Our students designing a system of sensors to inform first-responders if they possess faulty or missing equipment in the back of their ambulances before responding to a life-threatening crisis.

Jerusalem students design medic checklist app during hackathon

Entrepreneurial Medical Devices

After 44+ sleepless hours, our students used machine learning to automatically detect the images of patients and blur them, which enables organizations and hospitals to protect the privacy of their patients.

Jerusalem students design new medical technology for infants at hackathon

Securing Israel's Borders

Our students dropped pen and pad, leaving the hallways desolate and our classrooms bare, in order to defend millions of civilians. JCT's students have won the coveted Israel Defense Prize over 10 times, often using their life-saving technologies while fighting on the front-lines.

JCT alumnus wins Israel Defense Prize for Role in Detecting Hamas Tunnels

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Highlighted student

Yehuda Auerbach, Cedarhurst

The Gift Of Torah-Academic Balance: Why I Don’t Take My College Experience For Granted
by Yehuda Auerbach

As a first-semester student in the Jerusalem College of Technology’s (JCT) International Program in English, I’m now only beginning to recognize the tremendous benefits of having the ability to balance Torah study with secular academics, building a strong foundation for a professional career, a…

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  • Business administration
  • International Program in English

Mission to Israel

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Interested in academic studies?

Our International program boasts the finest computer science major in Israel, in addition to the option of studying business - with all classes conducted entirely in English!

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