Motti Finkelstein

Motti Finkelstein is a Senior Advisor at McKinsey as well as an Advisor for Capri Ventures and several
startups (e.g. TrueFort, Velotix, etc…) Prior to that Motti was the CTO for the Americas and the Global head
of Strategy and Planning at Citi/Citigroup.

Motti drove Global Strategy and Planning creating a culture of
innovation and agility in the areas of Cloud, Big Data, Software Defined Data Centers, Robotics Process
Automation and User Experience. His primary focus was improving business capabilities by developing
cohesive, secure, reliable, scalable, flexible, and cost efficient solutions. As the CTO for Americas, Motti was
responsible for the local delivery of global standards and addressing local requirements within the Americas
region. He was also the chairman of the CTO council. Motti has also held multiple operational, engineering,
architectural, and compliance roles at Citi/Citigroup prior to his last role.
Prior to joining Citi, Motti served as the CIO at Versaware, as a Director in the Department of Technology
and Telecommunications of the City of NY, and was a commissioned major responsible for the technology
infrastructure in the Israeli Air Force.
Motti holds a Bachelor of Technology & Applied Sciences in Computer Software Engineering from the Jerusalem
College of Technology (Lev Institute) as well as an M.B.A. in International Business from the Zicklin School of
Business, Baruch College.