Adopt A Student

The Key to Israel’s Future

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As an institution deeply committed to Israel and Zionism, the Jerusalem College of Technology has been in the forefront of absorbing immigrant students. The following are some of our immigrant students who need your support.*

1) Lote K. immigrated in 1991 from Ethiopia and lives in Migdal Haemek. He is 23 years old and the oldest of four children. Lote served in the Artillery Corps of the IDF and studied at Yeshivat Hesder Otniel. His parents are unemployed and are supported by the National Insurance Institute. He is now in his first year of studying Industrial Engineering at Machon Lev.

2) Eliyah H. 20 years old new immigrant from Argentina. Eliyahu immigrated without his family. His parents are divorced and unable to give any financial support. He is now beginning his second year of studying computer software and communications at Machon Lev.

3) Meir S. 23 year old new immigrant from Syria. His mother and brother have chronic medical conditions. His father is a chef’s assistant and is the sole supporter of a family of 7 school-age children. Meir is now entering his second year of studying managerial accounting at Machon Lev.

JCT enhances the opportunity for women to study high-tech studies and take an active participatory role in Israeli society and its economy, as well as providing a constructive answer to the country’s great need for more personnel for Israel’s high-tech industry.

4) Tehilla O. 21 years old from Tel Aviv. She recently got married to a fellow student. Her father is a disabled army veteran and her mother is unemployed. She has six siblings, two of whom were also badly injured in the army. Tehilla is now entering her third year of studying managerial accounting at Machon Tal.

5) Liel R. 20 years old from Or Yehuda. Liel’s parents are divorced and have serious financial difficulties. Liel is entering her second year at Machon Lustig and is studying Managerial Accounting.

6) Chaya S. 19 years old from Bnei Brak. Chaya’s parents are both unemployed and she has a brother who suffers from a serious medical condition. Chaya is now entering her second year of studying Technological Management and Marketing at Machon Lustig.