International Marketing Firm, Tens Technology, Appoints JCT Graduate To CEO Position

Avishai Shraga is a recent graduate of JCT’s Technology Management and Marketing Department. Avishai chose to study at Machon Lev, turning down several other college acceptances, because he was about to be married and wanted to start this part of his life with an organized program blending Torah study and business.

Jerusalem Science Contest Winners Awarded JCT Scholarships

The Jerusalem Science Contest is a joint program of the Martin and Gertrude Walder Science Laboratory and Learning Center of the foundation for Learning and Development established by Dr. Joseph Walder and the Jerusalem College of Technology. The contest is a nationally acclaimed competition open to all juniors and seniors attending Jewish high schools throughout the United States.

Prominent JCT Alumnus Meets With Business Leaders

A group of friends of JCT and investors in technology research gathered in Manhattan to hear from Dr. Dov Rubin, JCT alumnus and member of the Board of Directors.

Houston, We Have A Problem; Bnei Brak, We Have A Solution

Two Bnei Brak Charedi graduates of Lustig Institute in Ramat Gan — a branch of the Jerusalem College of Technology that serves members of the haredi community — have developed a microchip for use in Israel’s aerospace industry.

The Jerusalem College Of Technology Is An Agent Of Change Within Israeli Society

A recent survey of all universities in Israel reports that more than 17% of the JCT student body grew up in the three lowest rated socio-economic regions in Israel. This is the highest percentage of underprivileged students within any university in Israel.

New JCT Bio – Informatics Department

Bio – informatics is a field of Biology that uses computational tools to solve problems and is the interface between mathematics, computer science and biology, especially in the field of molecular biology.

Friends Of JCT Leaders Meet With Israel’s Minister Of Education In NYC

Minister of Education Shai Piron Addresses Friends of Jerusalem College of Technology

At Jerusalem College Of Technology, President Shimon Peres Seeks Out Haredi Students

Modern Orthodox men get degree before joining IDF, national religious and haredi student nursing in separate campus. President Peres at Jerusalem College of Technology.

Israel’s ‘West Point’ Of Defense Technology

Jerusalem College of Technology grads have played big part in developing many advanced defense systems

An Educated Israel Is A Strong Israel

My father, Natan Schulsinger, a Holocaust survivor and an ardent Zionist, helped smuggle Jews over the Italian-Austrian Alps and into Palestine. He identified as a survivor and a Zionist fighter, and his experiences fighting for the land and people of Israel greatly influenced the way that he and my mother, a strong woman with the […]

JCT Students Invent Pocket Printer

Israeli entrepreneurs’ pocket printer seeks to revolutionize ‘left behind’ device

Fusing Secular Education And Torah Judaism

The fusion of spirituality and secular education advances the Jewish nation as a whole.

International Energy Agency Conference Held At JCT

Close to 40 representatives of the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVPS) from around the world came to JCT for a Solar Energy Conference.

Invest In Jewish Children

My wife Suzy and I will never forget our wedding day. It was not just the uplifting ceremony and beautiful party that left an indelible mark. Some life-altering advice that we received from one of our guests informed and shaped our lives from that day forward.

‘Invisibility’ Tech Builds Safer Antenna For IDF

An Israeli scientist uses the same principles and material that go into Harry Potter-style ‘disappearing capes’ to protect soldiers from radiation.