Naveh Program

JCT’s Naveh Program provides Haredi men the option of studying for an academic degree while continuing their high level Yeshiva studies.

Many in the Haredi community face a severe economic crisis due to the lack of secular education necessary to pursue a career. The Naveh program offers an attractive option to Haredi men who would like to combine studying for an academic degree with continuing their Yeshiva studies. The Naveh program provides a revolutionary environment where Haredi men can learn skills such as engineering, accounting and management along with a degree which will enable them to work as equals within the Israeli workforce and help improve their economic situation.

The Naveh program takes away many potential barriers to poverty and allows these men the opportunity to integrate into the fast paced business world, while remaining steadfast in their religious beliefs. These men can learn in a Yeshiva environment during the day, while pursuing a practical degree in the evening which will lead to potential employment. The four-year program offers Bachelor Degrees in Managerial Accounting, Computer Science, Technology Management and Marketing.