About Us

Founded in 1969, JCT has grown from a small school into a fully accredited undergraduate and graduate institution with more than 4,600 students and over 500 faculty members.

Striving to integrate Jewish education with high level academics, JCT offers classes and degree programs in engineering, business management, accounting, computers, and life and health sciences in addition to classes in Jewish studies.  JCT offers students the best of both worlds, allowing them to obtain a highly valuable degree while at the same time continuing their Jewish education in an environment supportive of their values.  JCT’s graduates are known for their strong work ethic, combined with the core values of integrity that are a deep part of their Jewish heritage.

As a result of its stellar faculty and diversity of students, JCT has earned itself a reputation as one of Israel’s leading accredited engineering schools.  JCT graduates enter the work force with the degree and skills necessary to develop a career, as well as the capacity to advance Israel’s industrial, economic, and security needs.  JCT graduates have gone on to found over sixty high-tech companies and many are recognized as leaders in their respective fields.   Whether its graduates develop a new medical protocol, create an innovative invention, or form a multi-national technology company, JCT’s successful approach to higher education produces leaders who are strongly committed to the state of Israel, the advancement of the Jewish nation, and the betterment of the world.

Based in the heart of Jerusalem, JCT is comprised of several schools — Lev Campus/Naveh, Tal Campus, Lustig Campus and the International School — each with different degree and academic study programs.  Unlike other educational institutions in Israel, JCT caters to different demographic groups and offers educational programs tailored to the specific needs of their students.  JCT has programs customized to meet the individualized needs of the Ethiopian community, the Haredi community, the English speaking community, as well those students currently serving in the Israel Defense Force.  JCT’s plethora of degree programs and areas of study, coupled with its adherence to Jewish tradition and values, make it possible for students from observant backgrounds to obtain an accredited academic degree and make a difference in the world.