For Our Campuses


For the present, our most urgent need is to provide Machon Tal, our women’s School of Engineering and Management with a Torah and Science Library. Such a facility is vital for students and faculty in order to facilitate their access to classic Torah texts and the myriad of books on Jewish learning as well as to keep pace with the vast quantity of scientific knowledge available worldwide. A college without a library is no college at all.

The Torah and Science Library presents a unique opportunity for the sponsor who identifies with JCT’s ideal of Torah Im Derech Eretz and wishes to associate his name with higher education in the field of technology together with enhancing Jewish knowledge and learning. In providing this educational facility to these young women, the donor can make both a concrete and symbolic contribution towards these goals.

The Torah and Science Library Fund

Library Leaders

The cost of sponsorship of a wing in the Torah and Science Library is $150,000.

Bookcase Sponsors

A gift of $20,000 will purchase a bookcase in the Torah and Science Library.

Named Bookshelves
A gift of $1,800 to the Library Fund adds a name to the list of bookshelf sponsors.

Subscription Funds

Gifts of $180 per year for purchasing periodical subscriptions.

Named Bookplates

Gifts of $54 and above towards the purchase of academic books.

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