For Our Bet Midrash

Beit Midrash

The Beit Midrash embodies the principles upon which the Jerusalem College of Technology – Machon Lev, is built – the centrality of day to day Jewish learning within our everyday life.  The scope of the “learning” which takes place here ranges from Talmud, Bible, Practical Halacha, to Mussar, Torah & Science and Jewish Business Ethics.

From the early morning hours until late at night, students can be found here at prayers or engaged in Talmudic discourse. Aside from daily prayers, the Beit Midrash is filled during the morning hours with “Chevruta” learning and “Shiurim” in order to instill within our students the values they will require when entering the professional world.  It is from this daily “learning” that our students draw their commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

The Jerusalem College of Technology has established an Endowment Fund to ensure the continued functioning of the Beit Midrash and safeguard its future. We are offering you the opportunity of honoring your loved ones and keeping their memories alive by providing a living tribute to your dear departed through a donation to the Beit Midrash Endowment Campaign.

Endowment opportunities


Naming of the Beit Midrash                                            $1,000,000

The Beit Midrash at the heart of the Machon Lev campus seats 700 people in its central hall, an area of approximately 7,000 square feet.  The Beit Midrash, where students learn and prayer from early morning until late at night, embodies the principles upon which the Jerusalem College of Technology, is built – the centrality of day to day Jewish learning within our everyday life.

Amudei Torah – Beit Midrash Wings                            $250,000

Naming of the Upper Gallery (Ezrat Nashim)              $125,000

The upper women’s gallery encompasses an area of 900 square feet and seats close to 100.  The women’s gallery is used during the week as an additional area of Torah learning for our students.

Dedication of Central Bimah                                           $100,000

A beautiful Bimah is to be placed at the center of the Beit Midrash. It’s design will complement the tasteful Aron Hakodesh that has already been endowed.

Netilat Yedayim                                                                   $25,000

Bookcase Dedications                                                      $40,000

850 sq. ft. of bookcases to hold the Sifrei Kodesh that the students use for their daily learning.

Dedication of Stained Glass Windows     $10,000 each

A superb collection of 12 stained glass windows depicting the tribes of Israel by Israeli artist Mirry Reich are available for dedication. The designs are based on the blessings given by Yaacov, as derived from the Rambam (Maimonides), using stones and colors that represent the tribes on the Choshen (Breastplate).

Classrooms    $30,000- $50,000

Six different rooms host classroom learning for students throughout the year. Subjects taught range from Talmud, Bible, Practical Halacha, to Mussar, Torah & Science and Jewish Business Ethics.

Chair in Jewish Studies

Rosh Hayeshiva’s Chair in Talmud            

Provides respectable remuneration and other support for our distinguished Roshei Yeshiva.

Chair in Rabbinics    

Provides a program leading up to Semicha (Rabbinical ordination)

Chair in Jewish Ethics    

Ensures academic scholarship in areas of Judaic study for our students who are to enter the world of business and techmology.

Chair in Sephardic Heritage       

Provides academic opportunity for our students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Talmudic sources of Sephardic learning and Halacha through the writings and teachings of this heritage.

Chair in Hassidut  

Focusing on the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov and his followers, students acquire a familiarity with a stream of Judaism that was almost destroyed by the Holocaust.

Chair in Jewish Thought 

A study in the history and development of Jewish thought from Biblical times, through Rabbinic and medieval periods and up to and including contemporary Jewish issues that Jews in Israel and the Diaspora face today.

Special Programs in Jewish Studies

Chief Rabbis of Israel Lectures 

This endowment will sponsor regular lectures by Israel’s Chief Rabbis and other Rabbinic scholars.

Memorial Classes

Commemorate a yarzeit with an endowment in memory of a loved one. Opportunities for endowment:

Lecture series

Month of study

Week of Study

Day of study

Shiur – given by a student


Outreach through Formal and Informal Educational Programs

Shiurim, Shabbatonim, lecture series, educational visits etc for students who have not had the opportunity to experience the riches of Judaism and to bring them closer to their Jewish heritage.