American Friends Of The Jerusalem College Of Technology Leadership Meet With JCT President And Malcolm Hoenlein In NY

Hosted by Jerusalem College of Technology Member of the Board and former president Aurora Cassirer, Esq., more than 40 community leaders, gathered for an important meeting to discuss the latest developments at JCT. While the meeting took place in Manhattan, participants came to NY from communities including Chicago and Los Angeles.

The conversation ranged from a discussion of JCT’s role in the remarkable technology achievements of the Israel Defense Forces, to JCT’s unique role in answering the needs of more than a thousand of Haredi  Israelis who desire an education in science and business.  Introduced by Louis Libin, President of the American Friends of JCT, Malcolm Hoenlein, JCT Board Member and Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, gave an up to the minute fascinating and memorable briefing about the rocket attacks that were taking place in Israel.  Dr. Noah Dana-Picard, JCT President, described some of the more than 4,000 students who study at JCT, sharing how JCT stands alone in providing higher education opportunities for hundreds of Ethiopian students, giving religious women the ability to secure degrees in science and business, and in many other ways answering the most critical needs of Israeli society. More than 100 graduates from JCT’s program for Ethiopian students serve or have served as officers in the IDF, and 600 women are currently studying engineering at JCT.  Known for their strong work ethic and integrity, graduates of JCT are sought after by the Israeli government, the armed forces and private industry.  President Dana-Picard invited all of those in attendance to visit the campuses during their next trip to Israel, where they will see for themselves the diversity of the student population, and the cutting edge programs that are preparing the next generation of leaders for Israeli scientific achievement and entrepreneurship.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was scheduled to participate in person, but had to return to Israel because of the crisis that was taking place.  He appeared in a video where he stated how valuable JCT is for Israel and particularly for the City of Jerusalem, and how its students and graduates are very important members of his city and the State of Israel.  Stuart Hershkowitz, Special Assistant to President Dana-Picard, then described the plans for JCT to develop and build a dedicated campus for the almost 2,000  women who study at JCT including the most up to date research and educational facilities and easy access to faculty and a planned Jerusalem Municipality Technology Park. .

The proceedings concluded with a meeting of the Board of The American Friends of JCT, where several new members of the Board were elected, including Professor Linda Allen, Abbe L. Dienstag, Malcolm Hoenlein, Howard Millendorf, Gary Miller, Henry Orlinsky and Louis Tuchman.  They join current members of the Board, Roy Barth, Aurora Cassirer, Abbe L. Dienstag, Ira A. Greenstein,  Dana Haddad, Jack Lahav, Louis Libin, Ed Low, Hannah Low, Zvi Lowey, Andrew Neff, Candace Plotsker-Herman, Dr. Dov Rubin, Dr. H. Stephen Schloss and Seymour G. Siegel.

For more information about JCT, including scheduling a visit to the campus please call 212-563-5620, or visit their web site at

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