Lev Campus – Academic Programs For Men

Lev Campus offers students a unique combination of science and engineering education on the highest level and advanced Judaic Studies courses.

Over the last 40 years, the Jerusalem College of Technology’s (JCT) reputation and approach in integrating Torah study with high level academics has earned it a unique position among engineering schools worldwide. Offering leading science and engineering classes alongside Torah and advanced Judaic Studies, Lev Campus enables its students, upon graduation, to enter industry and contribute to science and technology in Israel with high ethical Jewish standards.

With this in mind, an impressive Beit Midrash was built alongside the academic buildings, and all students combine their Torah studies in the framework of a Yeshiva Gevoha with academic studies toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Management.  Lev Campus’ comprehensive Judaic Studies curriculum includes Talmud, Commentaries and Response, Jewish Philosophy and Business Ethics, while its secular curriculum offers the highest level of technology classes possible, giving students the knowledge to ultimately create advancements in Israel’s high tech industry.

Lev Campus serves the entire spectrum of the religious community in Israel and around the world.  Students include graduates of Hesder Yeshivot and Yeshivot Gevohot, IDF veterans, graduates of military high schools, public high schools and yeshiva high schools, Haredi schools, and new immigrants.  Many graduates of JCT’s Lev Campus, some of whom are the first members of their families to attend an institute of higher education, are recruited by the IDF, top government agencies, private corporations and educational institutions.  They go on to become super stars in the world of business, public service and academia all while being emissaries of Jewish principles.