The Reuven Surkis Program for Students from The Ethiopian Community

100 Ethiopian students are currently studying at JCT. 97% of the program’s graduates are employed.

JCT was the first of Israel’s leading institutions of higher education to take up the challenge of helping students from the Ethiopian community obtain degrees in the fields of science and engineering. JCT established the Reuven Surkis Program for Students from The Ethiopian Community, which seeks to integrate members of the Israeli Ethiopian Community into academia and later into the workforce. The program includes women who study at JCT’s Tal Campus for women.

Through this program, JCT is creating a community of high tech scientists and engineers and is transforming the image of Ethiopian immigrants throughout Israel. Our graduates are making cutting edge contributions to the Israeli economy. To date, over 300 students have entered the program and 158 have graduated. A number of alumnae are professional officers in the Israeli army, working as electronic engineers, accountants, communications specialists, or in the fields in which they received their degree.