The American Friends of the Jerusalem College of Technology’s mission is to provide critical financial resources to the JCT so that the institution can enable diverse segments of Israeli society to become educated, productive members of Israel’s work force.

JCT’s goal is to prepare students to enter Israel’s industrialized high tech and scientific communities and encourage them to make innovative contributions and advancements to Israeli society and build Israeli industry. The American Friends also recruits students for JCT’s International Program, providing young men with the opportunity to combine learning at their preferred Yeshiva with a day and a half (Tuesdays and Fridays) of studies towards degree in Business Administration

For those whose families have not previously been exposed to higher education or to extensive Jewish learning, JCT provides the opportunity to acquire the academic knowledge necessary for a professional career, while at the same time increase their knowledge of Jewish studies. JCT strives to provide their graduates with the highest level of education along with the opportunity to distinguish themselves as professionals in their respective fields. JCT hopes to create future leaders, both in Israel and in the diaspora, who will showcase the ethical and professional conduct they learned while at JCT, and at the same time, contribute immeasurable knowledge and discoveries to the world.