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The American Friends of the Jerusalem College of Technology provides critical support to the more than 4,000 students of the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT)

Jerusalem College of Technology is a unique and fully accredited Israeli academic institution of higher learning based in Jerusalem.

JCT combines numerous degree and advanced degree programs in fields such as engineering, technology, computer science, health science, business, accounting and nursing, with formal Torah study programs.  JCT’s approach of integrating Jewish education with high level academics has earned it a unique position among engineering schools worldwide, preparing students for Israel’s industrial and high-tech fields and turning out qualified professionals, well-trained in science and well versed in their Jewish heritage.

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The American Friends of the Jerusalem College of Technology’s mission is to provide critical financial resources to the JCT so that the institution can enable diverse segments of Israeli society to become educated, productive members of Israel's work force.
Members of the Board of the American Friends of JCT
Founded in 1969, JCT has grown from a small school into a fully accredited undergraduate and graduate institution with more than 4,600 students and over 500 faculty members.